Saturday, May 03, 2003

Aw, never mind

Alright, so I'm feeling kind of guilty about yesterday's diatribe about my son's gym participation, since I had a nice meeting with the gym teacher in the p.m. and got the scoop on the previous day's activities. Issues were discussed amicably, requests for better communication were accepted, and I found out that my son can balance a peacock feather stem-down on his opened hand. That was the gym activity on Wednesday -- "circus skills," the teacher called it, and I'm just hoping that word of this never gets out around school-budget-voting time -- and I can totally see why my guy'd want to give it a try. It apparently got him all good and focused, and that focus spilled over into the rest of the day, and who can really argue with that. Me, I'm going to let this one go and concentrate all my anxiety on the meeting I have next Wednesday with the counselor at the middle school my daughter will be attending next year. Maybe if I go in with a peacock feather balanced on my nose, he'll just decide I'm crazy and do whatever I say.

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