Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Gifts for all new additions

Anybody who's ever flailed around looking for a good baby gift for an adoptive or special needs family -- rejecting items that are too infant-centric, or too white-baby-centric, or too healthy-baby-centric -- will enjoy clicking through the site for Seedling & Pip, a baby-gift enterprise from actress Susan Saint James and her sister, Mercedes Dewey, who has a child adopted from Korea. Among the offerings are pretty gift baskets filled with books on adoption or special-needs themes and various appropriate accessories. When I think of the bookstore time I put in trying to gather a gaggle of storybooks for a new Chinese adoptee some years ago, it makes these nicely assembled gifties look pretty good -- thought I have a feeling the tab from Borders was a lot cheaper than these bundles of joy will run you. Fun surfing, anyway.

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