Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The bowling dynasty begins

Woo-hoo, my daughter's a local celebrity. As the fifth-grade girls winner in our town's Youth Week bowling tournament (with a score of 165 no less, her highest yet), she was honored at tonight's City Council meeting. Well, that is, if you consider "honored" to mean getting to shake hands with a bunch of local politicians and get your face on public access TV. She doesn't think too much of any of that, I know; she was nervous and bored and unsure, since she'd already gotten her award ribbon and certificate, what the point of this whole exercise was, anyway. But she went, and she walked up to the front when her name was called, and she pressed the flesh, and she even almost smiled when all the winners were lined up for final applause. When it was all over, she admitted that she'd been scared but was glad she'd done it. A mom can't ask for more than that.

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