Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Because Everybody on NCIS Has to Have Family Issues: My husband and I seem to be consistently a week or two behind on TV viewing, knocking shows off the DVR just in time for a new one to be added to the pile. So I just now watched the NCIS episode from October 11, and what do you know, an adoption plotline for Abby. That is, she's just discovered as an adult that she was adopted, not that she's adopting. (Sorry for the spoiler if you're even farther behind in your viewing than we are. Which makes me feel all superior.) It seemed kind of thrown in there, since the show isn't huge on personal stories and tends to revisit them sporadically. Maybe it's just that this is a topic that's sensitive to me in a way that Gibbs's ex-wives, Tony and Ziva's daddy issues, and McGee's grandma being Debbie Fiderer don't. It will be interesting to see when/if they do anything much with the story, but kudos for the degree to which the actor playing the long-lost brother looks believably like Pauley Perette.

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