Monday, October 24, 2011

Proving That There Are Bridge Games in Heaven: One of the many things my mom and I had in common was a tendency to fall down. Genetic poor center of gravity or weak ankles, maybe? We both did a mean splat/leap up/declare "I'm okay!" combination, and most of the time, we were okay, though there were scrapes and sprains and deep embarrassments on various occasions. Since my mom passed away, it's seemed to me that I've fallen less, and I've imagined that she's my guardian angel, catching me at that moment when gravity fails. But yesterday, I was taking a walk with my son and I went down hard, on a downhill slope, right on to a knee that's not been in such great shape anyway. No leaping up this time for me, though I did manage to hobble home. Today, I'm feeling sore and worried, and also a little ticked at Mom. If she's going to find other things to do up there, I'm in big trouble.

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