Friday, October 21, 2011

The Keys are Preparation and Flexibility. Good Luck With That: Had a nice chat with Nicole Eredics and Dr. Sandy Gluckman on The Inclusive Class radio show today about stress as it relates to inclusive classrooms -- stressed teachers making a change in the way they do things, stressed students having to deal with classmates who are different, stressed children with special needs having to deal with a less-structured, less-accepting environment, stressed parents sitting home worrying themselves sick. According to Dr. Gluckman, the key for everybody in that equation is preparation and the kind of flexibility that allows everyone to get what they need in the classroom. Ironically, the very things that seem in shortest supply in schools these days. It makes me stressed just thinking about it.

You can listen to the show using the doohickey below, or follow the link above to go to the show page, where you can make comments and see pictures going by as you listen. Want to catch up on older episodes? There's an archive right here on this blog. You can find it in the future by clicking on the Special Needs Talk Radio graphic in the upper right corner.

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