Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Calling All Kids Who Would Rather Play With the Infield Dirt Than Catch the Ball: A post yesterday on Support for Special Needs on "Scouting Inclusion Policies & Special Needs" reminded me of so many attempts at inclusive activities, and how they don't automatically suit our kids. I know the pendulum is swinging away from special-needs-only activities, but there's going to have to be a range of opportunities with varying expectations in the mainstream to make up for that, and I don't see it yet -- even though it would certainly benefit typical kids of different abilities as well. I chose Challenger League baseball for my son instead of regular Little League because those mainstream teams have become so serious that I knew my guy would not have the focus and would not have fun. If a regular Little League team could be about having fun outside with your friends, cheering for everyone, and not stressing the score, and if it could then provide an inclusive experience with non-disabled kids who also don't want to stress over whether they can catch the ball or get the hit, that would be just fine. Not sure it exists outside the special-needs world, though. Maybe we need to invite mainstream kids to our special groups instead of the other way around.

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