Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear?: I'm trying to imagine what goes through the minds of adults who think it's funny to make cracks about a child's medication in front of that child and his parent. Recently it was Santa Claus in the news for taunting a kid, but I've seen a substitute teacher do it to a kid in her class, and I've had a drugstore cashier do it to my son and me. "Did he take his medication today?" they crack. Har de har har. Santa in this recent story went on to suggest that the child in question should request a jail cell for Christmas, and there's a lump of coal coming his way for that, you can bet. But I imagine we've all had our instances of jaw-dropping comments by people who should know better and should have the feelings of kids and families particularly at heart. Bah humbug all around.

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