Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Cheers: Really inspiring show today on The Inclusive Class radio show with guest Sarah Cronk, founder of The Sparkle Effect, which includes girls with special needs in cheerleading squads. If you're wondering how you'd get such a thing started at your child's school, Sarah's website The Sparkle Effect has lots of information, and there are grants and mentors available to help out. What can't be provided by a website, of course, is administrators and school-board members who have the courage and the creativity to take a chance on something different, and young people who are eager and determined to make this opportunity happen for their peers with disabilities. I don't know where you come by that part of the equation -- maybe it will be siblings of kids with special needs, like Sarah, who will lead the charge, or maybe it takes starting inclusion so young that it seems odd to ever leave kids out. Listen to the interview below to boost your faith in the future.

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