Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Can You Help? Parent Seeks GED Advice

A member of the Parenting Young Adults with Special Needs in the Work World Facebook group is asking for help with an important pre-work step: getting a high school diploma or equivalent:
I am looking to investigate education options for my son. He dropped out of Grade 10 - it was serious enough that the team meeting members decided they shouldn't push to get him back into the system even though by law he'd needed to be there for another half year. I think we all knew he wouldn't make it if we tried to force that.
There are two options I'm aware of right now - to continue his education, through adult learning or online courses, or to get his G.E.D. No matter what I choose, though, I'm anticipating a few false starts (school REALLY didn't work well for him).
Has anyone else travelled along this route? Is there someone I could talk to who might be able to facilitate our efforts?
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