Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hot off the presses

Got a heavenly little surprise in my mailbox yesterday: the latest edition of the Brimstone Bulletin, newsletter of the Mothers From Hell, with a humor article from my Mothers with Attitude archives right there on the front page. The editor had asked me for some pieces a while ago, but I'd forgotten about it until the newsletter came blazing along yesterday, and now I'm basking in the glow of fame and slightly increased Web site traffic. To those who are visiting here after seeing my article in the newsletter, welcome! To those who are saying, "Mothers from where now?" check out the Mothers' Web site and enjoy their take-no-prisoners approach to getting education and services for children with special needs. And to those who have no brimstone in their mailbox but would like to read my front-page little essay, it's still in the MWA archives, right here (and my son still won't go near me in the morning until I've showered. If I were really a Mother from Hell, I probably wouldn't take that anymore.)

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