Thursday, July 22, 2004

What's new?

Well, the design of this blog, for one thing. After years of laziness (and fear of all this Blogger coding), I finally changed the template to one that would accommodate a blogroll of sites that have been nice enough to link to me. The good thing is that we can now have archives on this page (I'm sorting them by month now, to avoid that ridiculously long list) and the color scheme's a little more pleasant. The bad thing is that I was too much of a wimp to try to get the enetation comment code back into the right place, and so I'm now using Blogger's comment system, and comments made before today have vaporized. It's not that I've had so very many comments, but within the last week or so there's been an interesting discussion of trombone and trumpet embrochures, and some sniping against stupid research studies, and I'm sorry to lose them. Thanks to all who've commented in the past and please, comment again -- if only to tell me what you think of the new design.

Meanwhile, over on Mothers with Attitude: There's a new Family Man essay by Ken Swarner, and a page I've set up to record all the books my kids are reading this summer. Everything still looks the same, though. Whether that's good or bad, I'll leave up to you.

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