Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Jared to the rescue

Well, thank goodness! We parents have been struggling to teach our kids good nutrition, limit their TV watching, make them play outside, all to prevent them from joining the growing trend toward kiddie obesity -- and now, at last, we have an ally in that fight: Subway's sendin' in Jared. Yes, the sandwich chain spokesman known for limiting his diet to certain subs and losing 245 pounds has been dispatched to help the youth of America trim down. He'll meet tubby kids at speaking engagements and speak to them in commercials, and really, could we be any more relieved? Because when you're trying to get kids to make healthy food choices, the person you want to lead them is a guy who is famous for eating nothing but sandwiches. Locking onto one safe and trusted food to the exclusion of all others is something kids would never think to do on their own. Better make sure you leave those kids in front of the TV, Mom and Dad -- you wouldn't want them to miss their Subway commericals.

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