Saturday, October 16, 2004

Half a quarter down, three-and-a-half to go

My kids got their first progress reports of the year yesterday, and very nice progress reports they were, too. My son had no checkmarks under "needs improvement," not even in behavior, and the teacher's note was very positive with no "buts" attached. My daughter's progress report is all made up of numbers that have to be referenced to the "Progress Code Key" at the bottom of the page, and hers were all 01s ("Excellent Progress"), 02s ("Participates in Class"), 03s ("Positive Attitude") and 04s ("Satisfactory"), with none of the more ominous entries like 06 ("Work is Consistent with Ability"), 08 ("Low Test/Quiz Scores"), 09 ("Unsatisfactory Progress") or 14 ("Possible Marking Period Failure.") Although, really now, I know for a fact that she's had some 08, and doesn't 02 very often or comfortably, and although she's not making 09, in some cases it's pretty undeniable that her work is more 06 than 01. But it's early in the year, and the teachers are charitable, and God love them. I think most of them are so happy that she's not 11 ("Frequenty Unprepared for Class") with 10 ("Assignments Incomplete or Missing") -- as appears to be a real problem with kids in her age group -- and so pleased with her 03 and organizational skills, that maybe all of that really does legitimately average into 04 work. Anyway, I'll take success any way I can spin it.

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