Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Her aching foot

My daughter stubbed her little toe this morning on the way to the bathroom -- that'll teach her to spring out of bed bright and early, when it's still dark. She showed it to me before it was time to go to school, and it appeared to be a little bruised and a little swollen but not hugely impaired. She was limping around and complaining, but I figured that once she got to school and got her mind off it she'd be okay. But in fact it did bother her all day, and she sat out gym because of it, and so now in addition to a sore toe we have a day of gym to make up before the end of the marking period. The bruise on the toe looked bigger than it had in the morning, so I called her pediatrician for advice and was told to take her to the emergency room so we could have it x-rayed. Which would be fine if we had, like, nothing else to do for five or six hours, but our week is already pretty full without an ER endurance test. So now I'm walking that edge of "don't want to delay treatment if it's really something, don't want to waste a lot of time if it's really not." The injured girl herself is flip-flopping, feeling better one minute, feeling broken the next. We put it up this evening and put some ice on and will continue to hope that the pain and discomfort just go away already. But I know I'll have to forfeit that "Mother of the Year" award if it turns out she really did break it.

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