Sunday, October 31, 2004


I'm being constantly forced out of my seat by two kinds of demons tonight: cute cuddly ones that appear at my door demanding candy, and darned annoying ones ringing me up soliciting my vote. The former have been coming in larger numbers than in recent memory -- maybe because Halloween's a Sunday this year, maybe because it's a mild night, maybe because a gazillion new condos went in across the street. It's been kind of sad the past few years getting no little costumed ghouls ringing my doorbell, and so tonight I'm enjoying the relative onslaught, although it will mean less leftover candy for me. Not so enjoyable has been answering the phone and finding a recording of some important personage on the other end, ready to launch into a long story about why I should vote for a particular candidate. Unless ... you don't suppose that actually was Caroline Kennedy on the phone before? Maybe trick-or-treating is slow in her neighborhood.

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