Thursday, October 07, 2004

We're a little busy, you know?

I got my copy of the "Brimstone Bulletin" from the Mothers from Hell the other day, and was proud to see one of my essays right on the front page. The newsletter is packed full of good links and stories of mothers fighting the good fight of special education advocacy. My favorite article, my own notwithstanding, was one entitled "Where are the Parents?" that was written in response to snippy administrators wondering why special-ed parents aren't more involved in their kids' schools. I've been lucky to be able to volunteer at our schools, thanks to an understanding boss who lets me take time off during the day to do library duty and attend meetings. It helps that my kids' special-ed program happens to be at our neighborhood school, so I don't have to drive cross-town or juggle events at schools with conflicting schedules as many special-ed parents do. But night meetings are sure a problem, since if my son doesn't get enough mom-time he demonstrates his displeasure in many small, disruptive ways. And I've certainly heard, while doing my volunteer duty, many regular-ed parents comment dismissively that special-ed parents never volunteer, or support fund-raisers, or go to Home and School meetings, or show what is considered to be an appropriate interest in their kids' schooling. I've had to step in and debate that point, but maybe now I'll just carry a copy of this essay in my purse and distribute it as needed. I don't know if it will change anybody's mind, but maybe it will shut them up a little. And it'll make me feel better, anyway.

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