Sunday, October 24, 2004

New on Mothers with Attitude

I've written here a time or two about our family's half-hearted search for a dog -- every time we finally decide to go for a pooch from our shelter, it turns out someone's grabbed it while we were being all indecisive -- but we remain to this day petless. In his Family Man column, Ken Swarner reports that his family has had more luck, albeit expensive luck, in finding the perfect canine. ... Meanwhile, if you've ever stopped by the Mothers with Attitude Special Needs Store and liked the designs but felt unable to afford a sweatshirt or a totebag, stop by again and take a look at the recently added, sort-of-lower-priced buttons and magnets. Wear one of these pins to your next IEP meeting, and if the special educators are uncooperative, you'll have something sharp to stick them with.

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