Tuesday, April 01, 2003

30th percentile, here he comes!

My son had his 10-year-old check-up with the pediatrician yesterday, and the big exciting news was that he's in the 25th percentile on the growth chart for weight, and the 10th percentile for height. This is a big deal because for years and years and years he was way off the bottom of the chart, with no apparent ambition to hop onto it, and only last year skimmed the lowest regions thereon, at 7 percent for weight and 5 percent for height. And now he's hit the one-quarter mark for weight! Not bad for a scrawny kid with FAE who's always eaten like a pig but for so long resembled one of those children you can feed with a contribution of 20 cents a day. He's a growing boy, he is.

If you're wondering how your own personal kiddo measures up, this Google Search will link you up with oodles of height and weight charts, including this one for children with Down Syndrome and this one for children from China.

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