Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Perfect kids for $14.95

I've always been a sucker for new and innovative parenting techniques, as my drawers full of magnetic behavior chart bits and bookshelves piled with parenting primers will tell you. Right at the moment, we're having good luck with the Nurtured Heart approach, so I'm temporarily out of the market. But if I weren't, I'd be buying one of these babies: the Wheel of Dreaded Consequences. It's creators swear that this gadget, which allows transgressing young ones to spin for their punishment, will eliminate all disciplinary problems, make your children perfect ladies and gentlemen, and cause you to become the envy of all the parents in the neighborhood. I'm suspicious of anything that promises all that for under $20 -- but come to think of it, that's never stopped me before. I'm bookmarking this site for when my daughter grows into the entire breadth and depth of her teen attitude. For her, of course, a dreaded consequence would be having to read a book, or accept a kiss or hug from mom. With any luck, I'll have enough time to make a real good list.

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