Friday, April 11, 2003

What, me procrastinate?

Boy, have I been a bad little blogger this week. No entries since Tuesday! Surely I must have some sort of excuse, beyond simple procrastination, and a tendency to fall asleep immediately after my children's heads hit the pillow. Hmmm. Well, there was the fact that my son's IEP meeting was yesterday, and all week I felt the need to put together checklists and recommendations and all manner of paperwork with which to deluge the Child Study Team. Not that I ever actually DID put them together, mind you; it's just that it didn't seem right to work on anything else until that was done.

Let's see, what else? I did waste some time on my day off Wednesday doing things like buying birthday presents and gathering what I needed to get my taxes done, leaving little time for idle typing. Then, too, the fact that I begged my son's teacher to assign him chapter books we could read together and do extra-credit book reports on means that I have to sit down and wrestle him through a reading selection every evening -- that on top of reading my daughter's free-reading book with her, and reading her much-too-hard classroom assigned book TO her (it's "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry; anybody want to try explaining the Holocaust to an extremely learning and language-delayed 12-year-old fifth-grader?).

But I think, rather than relying on these excuses, I'll place all the blame for my lack of journal entries on my friend who gave me her old color GameBoy last weekend; my daughter quickly appropriated it, but gave me HER old color GameBoy, and the charms of slightly technicolor "Dr. Mario" have been tough to resist. Let's see, strategize IEP goals, or play Dr. Mario? Sort through tax records, or play Dr. Mario? Come up with something thoughtful and entertaining to write, or play Dr. Mario? Pretty soon, my eyes will rebel at staring at that tiny screen, and I'll be back to the somewhat bigger computer one at a more faithful pace. Of course, my daughter's getting a GameCube for her birthday next week, and if they make Dr. Mario for the big screen, you may never hear from me again.

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