Thursday, April 24, 2003

Putting together a parent's portfolio

Here's an idea I've been playing with. You know all those notes we write to teachers, full of wisdom about what works for our kids and what doesn't, background on their special needs, advice on handling them most effectively, pleas for helping them reach their greatest potential? You know how we compose them so carefully, send them off to school in all their magnificent wordiness, and then wonder if anybody ever bothers to read them? Well, how about this: How about we share them with each other? Maybe as parents we can learn things from one another, or at least get good ideas and templates for writing our own school-bound tomes. I've posted a few preliminary entries in a prospective "parent's portfolio" -- a behavior plan, an introduction, some observations on a particular child's learning tendencies -- on the Mothers with Attitude site, and invite other parents to submit similar items that may be of help, or that you'd just be happy to see live somewhere other than a Child Study Team file cabinet, for posting on the site. E-mail your masterpieces to, and be sure to include your name and some information about the child for whom it was written. I promise to read and respond -- which is probably more than you can say for the folks you wrote this stuff for in the first place.

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