Sunday, April 13, 2003

Creative whining

So I'm still floundering around through this limbo-like week during which I muddle around feeling overwhelmingly busy but have nothing to show for it except a mild case of GameBoy wrist, and I get an e-mail from a longtime reader sharing that she and three friends with small children have gotten together and, oh, you know, in their spare time, written a play, which they are now performing around San Francisco. I can't even squeeze out a couple of hundred measly words a day for this blog, and here other mothers are blithely running around creating works of art. Now, maybe they don't have daughters who can have a word spelled out loud for them twenty times in a row and still repeat it back wrong; and maybe they don't have sons who run merrily through the church after taking Communion yelling "I love you! I love you!" at prayerfully taken aback Mass attendees; and so maybe they have vast stores of mental and creative energy that I have long depleted. But still; sheesh, now I have to add writing a play to the long list of the things I'd do if I were a really good creative energetic organized Mama, along with getting my kids decent IEPs and teaching my son to tie his shoes. Man, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

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