Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Back to school

Tonight was back-to-school night at my daughter's middle school. I've now met all her teachers and inclusion teachers, found her classrooms and the pathways thereto, checked out her locker location. I made it through most of the questions she asked me to ask her teachers, so she didn't have to -- where to pick up homework when she's pulled out for band, how to find out what she missed in class, when to go to remedial. I've introduced myself all around, and probably left the impression of a pushy, overinvolved mom (and why not? it's what I am). I love these little moments of interaction I get with my kids' teachers -- the back-to-school nights, the conferences, the opportunities to run into them while volunteering in the school library or in the parking lot picking up kids. It gives me the illusion that I can actually have an impact on my child's school experience, when in fact on a day to day basis I know so very little. So far, anyway, she seems to be doing well.

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