Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Volunteer stress

You know you're spending too much time and energy volunteering at your children's school when you come home and have no time and energy to spend with your actual children. I was pretty wiped today after a two-school library marathon, bopping back and forth, training people at the elementary school, running up to the middle school to put in a little time before the next trainees arrived. One volunteer never did arrive, forcing me to stay and check out books at library #1 while neglecting my duties at library #2. I couldn't believe someone would just not show up -- but then, the prospect of going to a Home and School Meeting tonight after racing around so much during the day was too much for me, so apparently I'm the kind of person who just doesn't show up too. I justified staying home by telling myself I needed to spend some time with my kids, but I was so tired and grouchy from a day of volunteer service that maybe they would have preferred me out of the house. I probably need to start taking all this stuff less seriously.

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