Friday, September 17, 2004

Flying nonstop

I just had one of those days when I feel like YoYo Mom. I slept a little late and so only got about half my breakfast eaten before it was time to take Child #1 to middle school. Dropped her, came back home, ate the other half of my breakfast and dropped off Child #2 at elementary school. Parked the car, went back into the elementary school for my library volunteers meeting. After that, stayed to put bar codes on books so we can start the year with computerized checkouts. Was about to leave to go to work (finally) when Child #2 came bounding into the library with his aide and papier mache paste all over his shirt, elbows and hair. He asked me to bring him a new shirt, so instead of heading to the office I headed home, got the shirt, brought it to the school office, went back to the library so I could stick my head out the window and inform my son's classroom aide, on recess duty, that the shirt was delivered. Then another detour to a store to pick up a scrunchy pillow for my son just like the scrunchy pillow my daughter bought the day before and her brother just had to have. Picked up a taco for lunch and headed finally into the office, where I discovered that I'd left the disk with the work I'd done the night before in my computer at home. Busied myself with some alternate work for the hour or so until it was time to leave to pick up Child #1, stopping first in the library of her school to make the book fair purchases I'd intended to make on Wednesday before the bomb scare shooed us out of the building. Took Child #1 home, waited for my husband to get home with Child #2, then headed back to the office to do an hour or so of actual work. Then back home for a peaceful evening that included my son spilling sparkling apple cider all over his dinner plate, the dinner table, the kitchen floor and my shoes. The kids are in bed now, and although I have lots of work to make up and stacks of library volunteer applications to wrestle into a workable schedule and e-mail to answer and books to read, I think I'm just going to shut everything on down and get a good night's sleep. It will be nice to spend a few hours immobile.

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