Saturday, September 25, 2004

On memory lane

We went this evening to a get-together for a few families who adopted from the same Russian orphanage as we did. A few of the boys there had been in my daughter's group at the orphanage 10 years ago, and they claimed to remember each other, although what they may really remember is seeing each other at the last get-together. Both my kids played nice with all the other kids, and the parents all discussed those days so long ago when we started our journeys to familyhood. It seems like a lifetime ago that my husband and I traveled to Petrozavodsk to claim our two little ones. As my daughter does with so many of the details of her life, I remember it more from the telling than from the living. But seeing all these kids together, growing tall and strong and healthy, it does all seem like a miracle. And one that keeps getting better.

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