Sunday, September 05, 2004

Maybe she's watching me right now

My daughter has some sort of Stealth Teen thing going on lately. I'll be sitting around minding my own business, maybe working on the computer or reading a book or grabbing a few extra minutes sleep, and all of sudden she'll just be there, her presence betrayed by only a quiet footfall or a hovering aura. She doesn't want anything except, apparently, to be in my presence, and I know it's because she's feeling needy and insecure with the start of school and gets some reassurance from seeing me, and it's great I guess from a bonding point of view, but man, it spooks me sometimes. I'd be happy to talk with her or answer questions or help with something, but just bearing a silent presence seems to be more than I can handle right now. By the time I get used to it, of course, she will have settled into her school routine and will be back in Teen Attitude Land, motto: "Mom? Who needs her?" And then I'll be the one silently hovering.

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