Monday, July 11, 2005

See, psychiatrists really are dangerous!

My husband and I actually went out to dinner and a movie last night for a few-days-after-the-anniversary celebration (15 years on July 7). We saw "Batman Begins," and the parts that I actually watched without hiding my eyes in my hands or his shoulder were pretty good. Amazingly effective "oof!"s on the soundtrack during fight scenes, let me tell you. But one thing did strike me: With all the gallons of ink that have been spilled in the coverage of the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes romance, and the gallons more poured out over his attacks on psychiatry, has anyone noted that, in the future Mrs. Cruise's big summer movie, one of the major villains is in fact a psychiatrist? And that Holmes' character is the one who sends him running at the end? Maybe that's why Tom fell for her. Those psychiatrists, you know, they drug your children with Ritalin, they dope up your new mothers with antidepressants, and every now and then, if you don't keep a close eye on them, they dump hallucinogenic chemicals in your water supply and vaporize it in an attempt to induce mass psychosis. Good to have a girl by your side who knows how to use a stun gun.

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