Friday, July 01, 2005

Seeking stories

Anyone out there have an interesting mother-son story? I'm passing this on for a PBS producer; if you're interested, her e-mail is below.
Looking for mothers and sons for PBS documentary:

A new documentary to air on PBS stations on the powerful bonds between mothers and sons is underway. The program will examine this important connection and how it shapes how a man relates to his family and friends, and contributes to the community and the workplace. We are looking for dynamic mother/son relationships from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Here are some possible mother/son scenarios:

1) Mother and son whose bond is close, despite any past or ongoing challenges in their relationship. This could be the struggle to communicate during adolescence.

2) Adult male who had a close relationship with his mother that shaped his strong commitment to supporting women personally and professionally. He is married and may also have children of his own.

3) A professionally accomplished man who considers his mother his role model. He credits their close relationship with helping him become successful. Perhaps she once had a thriving career and he followed in her example.

4) Mother who went through some hardship in order that her son might thrive.

5) Brothers who were raised by a dynamic mother. They have different perspectives on their relationship to her, but their mother/son bonds are strong.

We’d also like to hear from anyone else who has a powerful mother/son story. If you are interested in talking with us, please respond with a detailed description of your relationship and provide contact information and email address. Mother and son must both be willing to appear on camera and share their stories honestly, from the heart.

Please email Renee at:

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