Thursday, July 21, 2005

Too much

I guess this means we eat too much fast food: My son and I went to our local McDonald's Tuesday after a couple of months of patronizing the new Dunkin' Donuts down the street, and the Golden Arches staff treated us like long-lost relatives. "We haven't seen you in a while! How are you?" asked the manager. The man taking the order asked where my daughter was, knew our order before we said it, and hurried to get me coffee. Those donut purveyors have a lot to live up to now.

And I guess this means I watch too much TV: As the recent Supreme Court drama has played out, with one seat opening and another if the Chief Justice retires, all I could think of was the "West Wing" episode in which the exact same scenario occurred, and the president wound up putting one extreme liberal and one extreme conservative on the court as a compromise with Congress. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Couldn't somebody maybe float that scenario in the real-life White House?

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