Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Youthful indiscretions for sale

I can't say I'm entirely uninterested in celebrity gossip -- I do read every issue of Entertainment Weekly cover to cover, and I've been known to have some fun on my Web sites with some celeb story or other. But this is just pathetic: Some guy Jennifer Aniston dated when she was 15 is putting the love letters she wrote to him on eBay. Fifteen! My goodness, would any of us want something we wrote to a guy when we were that age to ever resurface, much less go up for auction? I wouldn't even do that to a celebrity who was 15 years old now. How sad does this guy's life have to be that he's grabbing for a few bucks and a few minutes of fame for having once gone out with a Friend? Perhaps the fact that she fell out of contact with him once she got famous fuels his desire to humiliate her, even in such a low-rent way. And maybe the fact that one of the items is a "birthday card scrawled on a piece of toilet paper" indicates just how much value young Jen placed on that particular suitor. The whole thing makes me want to run up to the attic, find the diary I kept in Junior High to record my daily rankings of which boys I thought were cute, and burn it. I'll probably never be a big star and nobody will ever care, but why take chances?

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