Tuesday, April 20, 2004

10 Ways to Shoot Off Your Mouth Today

Got an opinion? We've got a place to put it.
1. Does inclusion work? Discuss.
2. Do you ever get a break from your kids? Tell us how.
3. Do you feel blue -- or green with envy -- when you see kids further up than yours on the developmental ladder? We can relate.
4. Had it up to here with child-study teams or meddling mothers-in-law? Vent away.
5. Does your pediatrician listen to you? Take this survey.
6. Bedtime stories: for learning, for bonding, forget about it who has the time? You be the judge.
7. How do you motivate your kids to read? Spill the beans.
8. Trying to manage behavior without meds? Join this list.
9. Has a negative media mention of adoption raised your eyebrows? Lower the boom.
10. Wanna chat? Just say when.

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