Thursday, April 22, 2004

Five-minute book club

Wish you had more time to read, but keep getting bogged down in things like parenting and working and sleeping? Try joining one of the book clubs at Each week, this free service features a new book in each of 11 categories -- nonfiction, fiction, business, prepublication, romance, teen, audio, mystery, horror, science fiction and "good news." Members receive an e-mail each day, Monday-Friday, with a portion of a chapter of the featured book in whatever category they choose, about a five-minute-read's worth. The following week, you'll get a bit of a different book. You can buy the books that intrigue you (or check them out from your library -- many libraries are offering the club through their web sites), and be satisfied by a taste of the ones you don't. At any rate, you'll feel more well-read for just five minutes a day. Surely you can stay awake that long.

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