Monday, April 05, 2004

Law school

Now here's a sign of the times, I suppose: My daughter came home from middle school today with a little four-page newspaper called "The Legal Eagle" in her bookbag. Billing itself as "a newspaper about the law for young people," it featured stories about obesity lawsuits against McDonald's, music downloading, and spy cameras in the classroom. There was a glossary of legal terms and a crossword puzzle to check your knowledge thereof. And I guess it's all very nice from an educational point of view, but ... have we become so litigious as a society that we need to give the kids law primers along with their Weekly Readers? Silly question -- of course we've become that litigious. Maybe they better include an article next time on why you shouldn't sue your school for filling your bookbag with all sorts of extra cluttery junk. Or sue your parents for not reading it to you.

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