Saturday, April 17, 2004

New on "Mothers with Attitude"

1. Ken Swarner's latest entry in his Family Man column is about summertime family car trips, and let me tell you, I am not ready to start thinking about summer vacations and family trips and all the disruption that entails. For the last few summers, I think the disruptions have been affectiong my own behavior more than that of my kiddos. But it's not summer yet. I'm holding on to that last month or so of school real tight.

2. It turns out that the message board I set up for the site (and why don't you all just go over there right now and post something, hmmm?) has a capacity for "live chat." Now, I've never been real comfortable with the chat format, because my brain doesn't work that fast on demand and I always seem to be a reply or two behind the conversation, but I would like to start some sort of weekly support group/gripe session for readers of my site and blog, and since this chat set-up is one of the few that will work on my older Mac, I say let's go for it. I've set up a topic on the
"Miscellaneous observations and disgruntlements" forum asking for people to post what day and time would be best for them for a regular chat. I'll also stop by the chat room tonight at 10 p.m. if anyone wants to join me (that is, unless I fall asleep where I sit, which is always a possibility). You'll have to register before chatting, and if you open the chat room and can't see a place to type, you may need to make your browser window bigger. But let's all give it a try, shall we?

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