Tuesday, April 27, 2004

20/20's not seeing too clearly

More on Friday's "20/20" adoption special that may be a serious look at open adoption or may be a reality-show exploitation of same, but undoubtedly has some really inexcusably tasteless ads going for it:

1. The text of said inexcusably tasteless ads is now posted here on the Adoption Watch site (scroll down to third post). So if you missed it, or can't quite believe what you saw, you can read it ... and weep.

2. Today's Montreal Gazette and New York Newsday, among others, have stories about the show, the latter featuring a handy opinion poll.

3. They're discussing the show from a media-obsessed, rather than adoption-obsessed, point of view on the Television Without Pity site ... and no one there's too fond of those promos either.

4. The subject's likely to come up on our attempted chat at 10 p.m. east-coast time tonight, if the technology actually works and anybody shows up. Why don't you just stop by and vent a little?

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