Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sugar high

Easter candy has started pouring in to our house already. Today was the annual "We're having it right before Easter but it's not an Easter party, it's a Spring party, because an Easter party would be politically incorrect" party at my son's school, so of course he brought home an Easter ... er, Spring basket full of chocolate eggs and goodies. Earlier in the week a co-worker gave me two very sweet little Peeps dipped in handmade chocolate (a waste of chocolate if you ask me, 'cause those Peeps are vile -- but that's obviously just me). And Sunday is sure to bring several tons of eggs 'n' things when our extended family gets together to celebrate Spring ... er, Easter. I bought my kids books for the holiday -- high fiber, no fat -- but that's not likely to stem the sweet tide by much.

This candy cornucopia couldn't come at a worse time, with me just finishing my second week on Weight Watchers. My kids get the candy but they don't actually eat the candy, at least not quickly enough to keep it from bumping into the Halloween candy later in the year. It's always been my job to keep the multiplication of chocolate morsels and jelly beans under control, and this year I'm going to have to do it piece by tiny piece, counting points along the way. Bunnies like carrots -- how come that's not the Easter treat of choice?

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