Saturday, April 10, 2004

New message board! C'mon! C'mon! Please?

I've tried to do a guestbook on Mothers with Attitude from time to time, with mixed and often glitchy results. Most people don't feel a need to give feedback, and the ones who do usually write to me directly. But because I've been getting a lot of notes lately, many of which I wish I could share with others, I'm trying this one more time: I've set up the Mothers with Attitude Sounding Board on the ezBoard service, and hope that you will all join me there to share what's making you happy, sad, mad, crazy or utterly exhausted. You'll still have the opportunity to comment directly on this blog, and to e-mail me at . But come try the message board. It'll be fun, as long as I'm not the only person there ...

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