Saturday, February 12, 2005

Beware of beverages

Doctors are speaking out again against that great peril to today's youth: fruit juice. Seems the stuff's got too much sugar in it, even the 100-percent-juice variety, and it's fattening our kiddos, rotting their teeth, and probably making them hyper on top of it. And I'm sure they have a point. I remember when I started on Weight Watchers a year or so ago, I was astonished at the number of points it cost me to drink a glass of juice with dinner, and I think a large part of my weight loss came from switching to water. But at the same time -- do these doctors know what killjoys they are? Do they get a kick out of it? I imagine some sort of Anti-Fun Division of the AMA holding semi-annual meetings to go over our little list of creature comforts and pick one to come out against. Is juice really the best the could come up with this go-round? Seems to me there are worse things a kid could be ingesting.

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