Friday, February 25, 2005

You're putting cameras where?

Now, I'm as interested in Oscar night gossip and backstage banter as the next pathetic show-biz obsessed person, but really, I think this is crossing the line: the WE Network is planning to broadcast from inside the ladies' room during commecials in the Oscar-cast. The idea is that viewers will madly channel-flip during ads to see who's gotta go now -- with host Sandra Bernhardt interviewing them on the way? I do think celebrities sometimes protest too much about the invasiveness of the media and what a hassle it is to be rich and famous and popular, but here, you know, I think they do have a point: Can't they even go to the bathroom now without having a microphone stuck in their face? There might, of course, be some interest in seeing how some of these gals get out of those ornate and excessive gowns to do their business ... but no, no, no. This is just wrong, people. And I'd expect a network that bills itself as "Women's Entertainment" to show a little female solidarity in this regard. Maybe we should start calling it the PEE Network instead.

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