Monday, February 28, 2005

Headline writers come out fighting

I'm feeling a little let down about the fact that "Million Dollar Baby" was such a big winner at the Oscars last night. I would have liked "Sideways" to win, and would have been fine with just about anything else taking home prizes, but it was not to be. Over and above those folks directly involved with the feel-good euthanasia film of the year, though, you've got to believe that headline writers across the country did a little dance of joy when Clint Eastwood's baby stole the spotlight. Name a boxing metaphor, phrase or cliche, it's been used this morning in stories about the ceremony. Lacking the opportunity to use words like "KO'd" and "packed a punch" and "champ" and "knockout" and "heavyweight," what on earth would those poor ink-stained wretches come up with? "'The Aviator' flies high"? "'Sideways' is top vintage"? "Oscar's 'Ray' of sunshine"? "'Finding Neverland' doesn't lose"? Oh, yeah, they're loving those boxing terms. Maybe some sort of fix was in?

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