Monday, February 07, 2005

Reporting in

Sighs of relief at my house -- we've survived another report card. My daughter had two really impossible classes this quarter, one to increase her ability to take standardized tests (which, unless there's a magic wand involved, was not likely to happen in ten weeks), the other a health class that stands in for gym one-fourth of the year. She has an inclusion teacher for her academic classes but not for either of these, and that turns out to be a bad thing. There were moments when it seemed she might actually fail one or both of them. Hooray, then, for two D's! They rhyme with B's, which is what she got in her academic subjects (plus an A in social studies!) Not a bad quarter, really. On to the next. My son's report card was good, too, with improvement shown in behavior, surprisingly enough. The third quarter seems to be a tough one for him in terms of classroom decorum, so we'll see if he can hold on to that. I've got a whole five weeks 'til progress report time before I have to worry about it again, anyway.

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