Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The trouble with "Million Dollar Baby"

Have you seen "Million Dollar Baby"? The rumble is that it's not good for persons with disabilities, for reasons I can't write about or Roger Ebert will smack me upside the head with a baseball bat (if Roger Ebert even, you know, had a clue this site even existed). I posted a little round-up of the current controversy on the About Parenting Special Needs site, which does go into plot details, so surf at your own risk. I myself have not seen the film, though less because of ideological objections than because I never see movies, no time, no how. Maybe once a year I make it to a theater, and when I do, I darned well want to make sure I'm going to enjoy myself. Boxing along would knock "Baby" off my list, never mind that other thing that we're not supposed to discuss. I'm hoping to sneak out to see "Sideways" sometime before Oscar night; anybody know of anything objectionable there? I suppose as a mom of a child with FASD I should take offense at rampant alcohol abuse, but as long as nobody's pregnant, I'm willing to overlook.

If you have seen "Million Dollar Baby" and have something to say about it, please weigh in at the Parenting Special Needs Forum.

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